Fishing Fly Rack: Handmade wood wall-mount

May 22, 2012 | By

It turns out that my earring rack also makes a great fish fly rack. Each rack measures 17″ wide by 23″ high and can hold over 600 flies. The design features movable “slats” to allow for different size flies, and also places to organize tools and materials. I can make these racks out of various woods, including pine, oak, and walnut. The racks are lightly stained, and finished with poly for long-life. There are pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting. The racks some without a name, but I can add a name on request.

I can also make smaller or custom sized racks, and an use stain to match your space. Email me requests!

Prices include shipping
300 Pine Fly Rack $65 + Shipping

300 Oak Fly Rack $75 + $15 shipping

300 Walnut Fly Rack $75 + $15 shipping

Volume and wholesale pricing is available.



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